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Work Experience:


10/2002 – present

Digital Agility Incorporated

Richfield, MN

Architecture Consultant

Mortgage Secondary Market Client

·        Co-architect of mortgage bond underwriting application with stringent requirements for security, capable of scaling to process trillions of dollars of collateral per year.

·        Designed innovative application architecture based on iLog business rules engine.

·        Led performance engineering activities which uncovered architectural problems with sufficient time to proactively develop alternatives.

Medical products distributor client

·        Combined role of lead architect and director of quality assurance for an enterprise access and identity management implementation at a Fortune 50 client. 

·        Provided technical coordination and quality assurance for geographically-distributed project teams working concurrently in several locations in the US and India.

·        Led the design of an enterprise-wide access and identity management deployment for a B2B web site and intranet with a combined population of more than 100,000 registered users.

Mortgage secondary market client

·        Combined role of project manager and security subject matter expert in a project to select an enterprise identity and access management platform.  Led product evaluation activities.  In collaboration with multiple business unit and enterprise stakeholders, developed an implementation plan to deploy the recommended security platform at a B2B e-Commerce site with 100,000 registered users. 

·        Conducted an IT assessment of a mortgage bond trading unit and developed recommendations for improvements in financial controls.

·        Created an offshore development proposal and assisted with formulation of an offshore development strategy. 

·        Created a J2EE architecture framework for a B2B and B2C mortgage origination portal.


Franchised services client

·        Performed technical and architectural due diligence for a project to select a business process management (BPM) software package for a franchised services organization.

Consumer goods client



·        Led a pioneering strategic technology planning project using the Spewak enterprise architecture planning methodology and Zachman enterprise architecture framework.

·        Assisted with the chartering of an enterprise architecture practice.

·        Proposed an architecture governance model and recommended enterprise CASE tool vendors.

·        Created an enterprise application architecture framework that was formally approved through the new governance process.

·        Evaluated the B2B e-Commerce site and developed strategic recommendations for future enhancements.


Independent financial services software vendor client

·        Developed a web services-based architecture for financial services system integration.

·        Evaluated open source and web services-based workflow products.





10/2001 – 10/2002

American Express Financial Advisors   Minneapolis, MN

Portfolio Architect

Enterprise Initiatives

·        Key role in pioneering work to design and deploy enterprise component services architecture.

·        Led architecture, design and implementation of enterprise account aggregation component services.

·        Member of enterprise CRM component services development team.

·        Key role in designing enterprise security point of arrival architecture.

·        Provided architecture and design leadership to teams developing enterprise security components - linking multiple web, mid-tier and legacy systems.

·        Participated in enterprise architecture governance processes.

·        Several weeks experience working at vendor offshore development center in India.

Portfolio Architect – e-Commerce

·        Portfolio architect for US Retail Investments e-Commerce Portfolio (B2C applications except Online Brokerage, B2B Financial Advisor client account transaction and query)

·        Provided architecture guidance to multiple financial services B2B and B2C e-commerce initiatives and related legacy systems integration efforts.

·        Developed portfolio-level strategic technology plans, including point of departure analysis, point of arrival depiction, and transition plans.

·        Member of technical and management teams coordinating and overseeing development groups working concurrently in US and India.

Portfolio Architect – ONE Financial Account

·        Portfolio architect for ONE Financial Account (integrated view of American Express brokerage, banking, mutual fund, and card, plus aggregated third-party investments).

·        Developed portfolio-level strategic technology plans, including point of departure analysis, point of arrival depiction, and transition plans.

·        Member of technical and management teams coordinating and overseeing development groups working concurrently in US, UK and India.

·        Designed portfolio performance test approach, worked with business partners to develop volume and capacity plans, and led performance testing and tuning activities.




1/1999 – 10/2001

Digital Agility Incorporated      Long Lake, MN

Architecture Consultant

Mortgage secondary market client

·        Evaluated strategic and tactical alternatives for deployment of a consumer-direct online mortgage origination site including vendor due diligence, vendor proposal analysis and final package recommendation. 

·        Drafted an architecture framework for multiple internet mortgage B2B and B2C initiatives.

Financial services client

·        Participated in strategic planning for technology point-of-arrival for enterprise online financial services strategy.

·        Provided application architecture services for a portfolio of B2B and B2C financial services e-commerce applications.

·        Led architecture, design and technical implementation of a financial account aggregation utility on a J2EE platform.

·         Developed data and security integration architecture for several co-hosted and co-branded web sites, including brokerage statement download, online brokerage investment analysis, and online customer service and account aggregation.

·        Provided architecture and development coordination for geographically-distributed, multi-vendor rapid development projects at several sites in the US and India.

·         Devised approach, planned, and executed automated performance and stress tests for e-commerce applications.

·        In a CRM implementation using the Clarify eFront Office versions of Clarify Clear Support and Clarify Clear Call Center: Participated in vendor due diligence, gap analysis, vendor selection, analysis and design of package customizations, legacy systems integration, and test case development.  Designed service case management forms and business rules. Created capacity plan. Designed and executed automated performance tests.  Detected and corrected performance bottlenecks.


7/1997 – 12/1998

Solid Logic Computer Solutions Incorporated

Eden Prairie, MN

Senior Consultant

Financial services client

·        Participated in strategic technology planning process for customer service group, coordinating with enterprise-wide planning process.

·        Created an architectural assessment of the customer service organization’s distributed systems portfolio, working with users and technical staff to define workflow-based restructuring plans.

·        Application architect for electronic workflow and imaging implementation for brokerage account setup using Plexus Technologies workflow products.  Developed Method/1 design and architecture models and blueprints; design and code reviews. Mentored development staff on Microsoft object and component development techniques.

·        Developed point-of-departure and point-of-arrival architecture framework and transition plans.

·        Developed Windows NT distributed configuration management processes; received Chairman's Quality Award for development of best-practice release management process.

·        Championed performance engineering and benchmarking.



8/1995 – 6/1997

GMAC Residential Funding Corporation    Bloomington, MN

Director/Technology Architect

Enterprise Initiatives

·        Helped to create and administer an enterprise architecture governance process.

·        As Program Manager, responsible for technical coordination and implementation of a very large enterprise-scale infrastructure, technology and methodology transformation project.

·        Contributed to development of object-oriented component design extensions to corporate methodology.

·        Provided architectural support for development tools selection; and assisted with the comparative evaluation of CORBA and DCOM middleware


·        System/application architect in a rapid application development project for a 3-tier client-server system for underwriting, pricing and funding mortgage loans. Led an infrastructure team consisting of four developers and three architects.

·        Led distributed systems benchmarking and performance engineering efforts.

·        Helped set and enforce change control procedures, peer review design and code quality review standards and procedures.



4/1992- 7/1995

Computer Sciences Corporation   Minneapolis, MN

Principal Consultant

Mortgage secondary market client

·        Provided methodology training and mentoring, coaching client through four pilot projects at two locations, served as methodology mentor, taught client/server technology, data distribution, application distribution, technical infrastructure design and performance engineering.

·        Contributed to development of object-oriented component design extensions to corporate methodology.

·        Helped set and enforce change control procedures, peer review design and code quality review standards and procedures; provided architectural support for development tools selection; and assisted with the comparative evaluation of CORBA and DCOM middleware

Consulting practice and marketing

·        Served on proposal development and marketing teams.

·        Led technical side of a pursuit team on a successful bid for a large-scale development project for a mortgage originator.

·        Participated in the nationwide team selected to roll out a new systems development methodology.

·        Certified data and process modeling instructor.

·        Developed curriculum on performance engineering.

Insurance client

·        Rapid development project to create a new policy management system.

·        Managed a technical team of eight PowerBuilder developers, five other architects, and numerous business users and testers.

·        Integrated a third-party accounts receivable and payable package system.

·        Created a novel "event server" 3-tier architecture with multiple print and computation servers and loosely coupled, easily modified interfaces which was nominated for a national technical quality award.

Commodity products client

·        Application architect/project manager for Corporate Accounting projects.

·        Defined standards, methods and procedures for the successful corporate rollout of KnowledgeWare CASE tools.

·        Defined system security requirements and designed a distributed decision-support system with secure access to extremely confidential corporate financial records.

·        Mentored client staff in systems integration and architecture and design techniques.


11/1991- 4/1992

ITT Consumer Finance   Plymouth, MN

Project Manager


·        Responsible for planning, systems analysis and design, programming, staff assignments, internal and external contact, budgeting and cost analysis for the IS team providing operational reporting and EIS support.


6/1984 – 11/1991

HEMAR Service Corporation  St. Paul, MN

Systems Specialist

General projects

·        Implemented an order of magnitude improvement in critical batch job processing times.

·        Created and implemented a statistical disk space forecasting model.

·        Progressive program maintenance, development and operations responsibilities; promoted seven times.

Loan servicing integrated CASE development project

·        Architect in charge of the financial processing subsystem

·        Project manager for a team of twelve programmers and analysts

·        Responsible for design and implementation of interfaces to the project's other five major subsystems; participated in walkthroughs, designed the high-level logic of the most complex processes, assisted in debugging.

·         As chief liaison to the users, documented issues and coordinated their resolution.

·        Participated in DB2 and application performance and stress testing.

·        Liaison with CASE tool vendor.


1/1980 – 6/1982

Control Data Corporation   Bloomington, MN

Associate Programmer Analyst


·        Developed image processing applications including satellite imagery analysis and robotic vision systems for industrial inspection.

·        Developed and implemented complex pattern recognition algorithms.

·        Designed and implemented a custom database schema to support image object recognition.

·        Created LISP compiler mathematical utility routines.

·        Created a mechanism to extend LISP with custom verbs.

·        Created a real-time bi-directional interface between a special-purpose video computer and scientific mainframe.




Brown Institute, Minneapolis, MN

Certificate of Programming, 1980




Business rules: iLog Business Rules Engine 2.5


e-Commerce Technologies:  ASP.NET, IIS 6.0, SAML 1.0 and 1.1, J2EE 1.2.1, 1.3.1 and J2SE 1.4, EJB 1.1 and 2.0, JSP 1.x, Java Servlet 2.x, JDBC, container and bean-managed persistence, WebLogic 8.x, WebSphere 2.x and 3.x, Tomcat 4.x, JBOSS 3.x, Apache SOAP 2.2, AXIS SOAP 3.0, Active Server Pages 2.0, Internet Information Server 4.0 and 5.0, iPlanet Web Server, Netscape Enterprise Server 


e-Commerce, Security and Systems Integration architectures: identity and access management product evaluation and procurement; cross-site internet security integration; internal security integration and Single-Sign-On (SSO) via Netegrity Site Minder 4.x and 6.x; state management techniques, session management techniques; clustering; custom TCP/IP sockets; MQ Series 5.2 and MQ Systems Integrator 5.2; customized XML messaging protocols based on Open Financial eXchange (OFX) 1.02; XML messaging and HTTP/SOAP-based web service designs


Application service provider integration:  Automated property appraisal, credit and fraud reporting services, (financial account aggregation), RiskMetrics (equity risk scoring), Equity Research and CBS MarketWatch (proprietary market research)


Workflow:    jBPM open-source workflow engine; Clarify Clear Support; Plexus Technologies FloWare and Image First Office; Action Technologies Process Manager and Metro; several custom-developed macro- and micro-workflow implementations; technical evaluation of Metastorm e-Work and Handysoft Bizflow


Data architecture and DBMS:  XML services, XML data binding, extended OFX 1.02, entity-relationship modeling, DB2 UDB 7.x, DB2 5.x, MS SQL Server 7 and 2000, MySQL, Sybase 10/11, Informix 7, Oracle 8


Design and Development Tool Environments:  IBM Eclipse 2.x, Poseidon CE UML Editor, Visual Studio .NET, Visual Studio 6, Visio, Rational Rose Modeler Edition


Methodologies:  Zachman Enterprise Architecture Framework, Spewak Enterprise Architecture Planning, applied architecture and design patterns, performance engineering, performance testing and capacity planning, technical infrastructure design, Accelerated Application Development, package-based development, Method/1, CSC Catalyst, re-engineering, component design, UML


Professional Affiliations

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), ACM Special Interest Group in Software Engineering (SIGSOFT), ACM Special Interest Group in Artificial Intelligence (SIGART), Special Interest Group in Metrics and Evaluation (SIGMETRICS)

Digital Agility is an affiliate partner of Casewise Systems, an enterprise modeling software vendor (

(References available upon request)