Ann Fritzsche



Skills Summary


A Senior IT professional, experienced in strategic planning, development and delivery of IT solutions.  Brings a caseworker “toolkit”, with skills in Project Management, Systems Development and Delivery Methodology, Organizational Change Management, and Business Requirements Analysis.  Has 18 years of experience in Business Solutions Development, across a broad base of industries and technologies.   Has managed successful application delivery using Rapid Application Development, Package Assessment/Enhancement, and Custom Iterative Development methodologies.  Provides coaching for Project Managers, Team Leaders, and Business Executives in the successful analysis and delivery of software development projects. 


Academic Background


Bachelor of Science       Purdue University, Industrial Management

Bachelor of Science       Purdue University, Computer Science


Project Experience



2002:  Digital Agility - Banking Client                                       Role: Business Analyst

Conducted a Request for Information for the Bank regarding technical infrastructure outsourcing.  Prepared product requirements, solicited vendor responses, collected and assessed data, and prepared final report for the Bank’s decision makers. 


2000-2002:  Digital Agility - Banking Client                               Role: Methodology Consultant

Developed Project Office, Project Prioritization, Business Requirements Analysis, Software Development and Product Deployment methodologies, with supporting tools and templates.   Provided standard Project Team Roles and Responsibilities and established consistent methods for evaluating individual performance and setting professional development plans.  Coached Project Managers and project team members.


February – June, 2000: Digital Agility - Medical Research Client                          Role:  Strategic Business Analyst

Analyzed the enterprise readiness of the current state of the Information Technology team for a Cancer Research lab group.  Assessed current systems, reviewed strategic goals, and identified the gaps limiting the team from moving forward.  Developed potential tactical plans for closing these gaps and assessed corporate risks associated with continuing on the existing direction.  Project resulted in an enterprise readiness report, with current state assessment and recommendations for appropriate “next steps”.


1996-1999: GMAC/Residential Funding Corporation             Role:  Director, Business Technology

Built an Organizational Change practice to enable a consistent approach of introducing, preparing for, and minimizing impact of changes introduced to the business from process redesign or new systems solutions.   Partnered with the business teams in applying these concepts to their employees, and implemented a program that ensured that employees had the right business skills prior to their training on the new software system. 

Managed a 60-person project team through iterative systems development to move the company’s loan acquisition process from a 2-tier system to web-enabled technology.   Technology platform included Object Oriented design, Virtual Basic, C++, Workflow and rules engine design/development.  Integrated data requirements into a Corporate Enterprise Database, and led a team in developing Data Warehouse support using Crystal Reporting.


Managed a 40-person team through custom development of a loan acquisition processing system on a 2-tier technology platform.  Using a Rapid Application Development approach, the system was completed, installed and accepted within 120 days.  

Developed a Quality Program that guided project teams through the application development methodology, with tools to assist them in making process checks and taking corrective action


1995:  CSC Consulting: Major Secondary Education Institution             Role:  Methodology Coach

Coached project teams in methodology and organizational impact during re-engineering of the client’s administrative and accounting processes.  Coached team leaders throughout implementation of SAP financial modules.


1994:  CSC Consulting: Catalyst Methodology Development Team           Role:  Program Manager

Responsible for the process design, development and deployment of the Project Start-up phase of the Catalyst Project Management methodology.  Responsibilities included establishing the Vision and Strategy, designing process elements and support materials, managing the development of support materials, and designing/implementing deployment programs to the fifteen CSC locations nationwide.


1993 - 1994:  CSC Consulting: Healthcare Products and Services Client       Roles:  Program Manager, Business Analyst 

Responsible for establishing a testing center for multiple releases of Clinic Management software for the Behavioral Services division.  This involved establishing the necessary quality procedures, implementing automated testing tools, and training the development team in test planning and execution.  Also established a quality assurance center for the various software systems released to the clinics.

Responsible for the development of client/server based insurance operation software for a long-term care insurer.  This included maintaining the project plan, managing client expectations, managing team resources, monitoring resource and task performance, and maintaining quality standards.  Also designed two software application modules. 


1992:  CSC Consulting: Automotive Services Client                             Role:  Project Administrator

Responsible for managing the project plan for a 200+ staff development team during the implementation of a customized software package in a client/server environment.  Additional responsibilities included resource loading/balancing, change control management, skill transition training, management of the administrative support staff and project audit resolutions.


1991:  CSC Consulting: Fortune 50 Commodity Manufacturer and Trader                                                 Role:  Project Leader

Managed a team of 25 people in the design and development of customized distribution software following a departmental reengineering effort. Also responsible for establishing and maintaining the project plan, managing client expectations, and supervising the development staff.


1990:  CSC Consulting: State Government Agency                           Role:  Senior Analyst

Developed a business area analysis for a local state agency.  This involved review of department functions, determining business requirements, integrating with separate divisional system plans and preparation of both business system and logical data specifications.  Also developed detail system designs using Foxpro database tools, including physical data designs, final externals and related programs.



1989:  CSC Consulting: Krelitz Industries                                                    Role: Project Leader

Responsible for directing a staff of 14 people, including five trainees, in the migration of a sales analysis system from an IBM 4361 Mainframe to an AS/400, using Synon as the development tool.  Also responsible for coordinating the efforts of additional subcontractors into the project plan.  The project was completed within established deadlines, with an increase in trainee productivity from 30% to 80%.


1986-1988:  GDS & Associates/IBM                                                     Role:  Product Manager

Responsible for bringing new software products to the market.  This included conducting the market research, managing the design, development and testing of the software product, and overseeing the sales rollout.  This product was completed and introduced two months ahead of schedule. Also hired and managed the sales personnel.

Responsible for the coordination of project teams to fulfill client software requests.  This included analyzing user needs, managing technical staff, and follow up with clients.  The project teams focused in the areas of distribution, inventory control, marketing, database telemarketing, and field sales systems.


1983-1985:  GDS & Assocates/IBM                                                Role:  Sales Representative

Responsible for generating leads, building client relationships and closing sales within the IBM hardware product line.








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